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Get down to the knitty gritty

One Click Installs

Thorbis Auto Scaling | Wordpress WordPress
Thorbis Auto Scaling | Magento Magneto
Thorbis Auto Scaling | Drupal Drupal
Thorbis Auto Scaling | Joomla Joomla

Several one-click options are available, some of them are shown above. If the need arises for one that isn’t currently accessible then contact us and we will work to get it delivered to your control panel. We are always open to suggestions and requests and invest every effort into delivering to make your job easier.

Unlimited Domains and Subdomains

Tired of only being able to add a small number domains to your account? Feel free to let the creativity flow using as many domains and subdomains as you want and we’ll be your happy host. It’s your account, your money so bring them on.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No worries when those busy times hit and traffic swarms in. Rush hour is what we live for. Our unlimited bandwidth gives you data freedom. We are always prepared so bring them on, no traffic jams here.