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Pay for what you get, get what you pay for. Affordable pricing without scrimping on services, they are the best on the market. Check your pricing today using our scale below.



1.00GB Website Storage



0.00GB Email Storage


Change at any time with no contracts.

No risk, feel free to adjust your plan anytime as your needs change. Make modifications as many times as you like with no restrictions. Your control panel has all the options right at your fingertips.

Billing Cycle

Billing is done automatically on a monthly basis. If you prefer to pay yearly you may contact us to make the arrangement. Billing is based on the price chosen in your signup stage and any overages will be billed accordingly. We are an all-green company and email your invoice to you with each billing cycle.

Auto Charge

Convenient automated billing saves time and no need to set a remember to pay. One less task to worry with. Choose whether to be automatically charged for any storage over your chosen amount and keep your site online.

How Pricing Works

Price is based on the amount of storage and/or email storage you need. Choose the appropriate amount at signup or change anytime via the control panel. Price is based on each GB chosen so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Consistent Emails